As the World Turns

What a strange time we are in.

It’s hard to know what to say in times like this because we’ve never experienced times like this. Like many of you, I’ve been working from home and staying at home as much as possible, minus the need to hunt for food. My teenager is home from school, my dogs are confused and life as I know it – as we all know it – is turned upside down.

Though I do work another job, mostly from home right now, my photography work has gone quiet because, well, I need to be with people to take photos, and I can’t be with people right now.

I miss you all. I think of you every day and hope beyond hope that you are all safe and healthy. I know it’s hard and that many of you are now playing substitute teacher and still trying to make ends meet and some of you have lost your jobs and some are still out there every day, risking your life to take care of those who can’t. I think of all of you and am holding you in my heart.

I’m still here. I’m waiting patiently until we can be together again. Until then, let me share some work I was able to do before the world turned on its head.

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