Eyes Wide Open

Most of the time newborns will sleep through their first photo session. That’s a totally good and fine thing – there is nothing sweeter than a slumbering new little person, and it makes it a little easier and faster to take their photos when they do. But occasionally they are wide awake for their newborn session, and that is the category this new little gal fell into!  She put her tiny foot down and declared she was in charge, and she was going to witness every minute of her session, whether it made her happy or not!  Sometimes definitely not. 😉  She also needed to keep an eye on what her big brother was up to. He was not really into hanging out with her that morning. We tried practicing on the furry blanket with his bunny and that went really well, but when we replaced bunny with baby, he quickly found something else to do. haha!  But boy does he love that bunny! 😉

There are so many wheels moving in those first several weeks when you have multiple little ones that it is hard to remember that this too shall pass. It’s all fleeting. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s hard. But it’s a beautiful time no matter how it goes, and you will always be glad it happened.

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