Ready or Not…

New babies bring a lot of joy to families. They also bring a lot of sleepless nights and long days for parents. And sometimes for siblings, they bring a lot of uncertainty.

I typically get two types of siblings at newborn sessions – siblings who are absolutely infatuated with their new baby brother or sister and have to be touching them all the time. Or I get siblings who think their new baby brother or sister is an attention hog and they want to send them back to where they came from. Or to Siberia. Whichever one takes the shortest amount of time. The younger the older sibling the more common the latter feeling is. (Did you follow that?)

Big brother wasn’t really sure what to make of his little brother at this session, but I have a feeling that will change dramatically in the next decade. Sometimes you don’t realize when you meet someone for the first time that they are going to be the best friend you ever have.


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