Still Living


It’s been a busy fall season. REALLY busy. I’m just now sort of catching my breath as well as playing catch-up on all things personal. I figure my family would probably like to receive some Christmas gifts, so I been wielding my armchair shopping skills every day, hoping UPS can keep up with me. One of our bathrooms is currently being renovated, so our contractor is here every day, in and out of the house every 5 minutes, making our dogs lose their minds. One dog in particular whines and paces nonstop over this – you can imagine how pleasant that’s been to listen to all day. My youngest daughter has all kinds of school activities I’m trying to keep up with and my oldest daughter finished her first semester of college and came home today. It’s the season of Advent so my husband – a pastor – has been busier than usual. And really, none of this is any different from year to year – minus the bathroom reno and the college kid – so it’s not unexpected. But still. Let’s just say I’ve been spending a lot of time mentally planning next year’s vacation.

And yet.

It’s all good.  It really is. I have no complaints (though, okay, I do wish the dog would stop whining).  I really love gift giving. And I can’t wait to have a pretty bathtub and tile and flooring. And I love all the Christmas traditions at church – the music and the message and the joy and the laughter and all the little ones who are brimming with anticipation and excitement every week.

I’m also 100% grateful for all the families who trust me every year with their memories.  I love watching your children grow. I love catching up with you on what’s been going on since the last time I saw you. And I love documenting all of that for you.

So, here I am. Alive, I promise. Tired for sure but thankful. So very thankful.

I don’t really even know where to start to show you photos from this fall. How about one of the 40+ minis I had between October and November?  I’m trying not to ruin anyone’s holiday cards but we’re a week out from Christmas so I am hoping all those cards have gone out by now (unlike mine which are sitting on the coffee table, unstamped).

They are all SOOOOOOO sweet….




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