Oceans Apart

Yes, I have a lot of photos here.  Take a load off.

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from a potential client who was in the country with his wife and children to visit his family and wanted to do a relaxed family session with his brother and parents and grandmother for a four-generational photo shoot. They were in the last week of their visit here and were limited on time so we quickly checked the weather forecast for that following week and our schedules and with some luck, found a date with good weather that worked for all of us. I traveled out to his family’s home and we spent a good chunk of the evening taking some family photos that hopefully captured their joy of being together and will make all those miles apart that they live feel like less when they look at the photos. And as you can see, there was a lot of joy! It was a beautiful evening with a very sweet and beautiful family, and I’m so glad the stars aligned to make it all happen!

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