I am double digit deep behind on blogging sessions as I have been shooting and editing nonstop this fall, but I have a little time this evening to try to play catch up a bit. Even if it’s just one or two posts, it’s better than nothing, right?

Three years ago I took senior pictures for this senior’s older sister, and now it’s time for hers!  I’m having a hard time believing three years has passed by so quickly!

Like her older sister, this senior has landed herself a volleyball scholarship and will be playing volleyball next fall for the University of Tennessee. And rumor has it the youngest sister is already being scouted as well. Clearly athletics, brains and beauty runs in the family! They are as sweet as can be, too, but fierce on the court. I wouldn’t want to come up against them on the volleyball court. Mostly because I’d probably trip over my shoelaces and break something. That and I’m REALLY bad at volleyball.

We got to be the first people to stake claim to having senior pictures taken in front of this mural as well, which was being painted while we took her photos. I think she has set a precedent that will be hard to follow. 😉



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