End of the Road

I was driving in my car the other day, listening to an “oldies” station, and the Boyz II Men song, “End of the Road” came on. That song came out my senior year of high school (1992, and yes, do the math…I’m old) and was sort of the designated swan song for our graduation. Brought back a lot of memories. Of course, we also know that graduation is all about new beginnings as well, so maybe Boyz II Men needs to get back together and make something a little cheerier.

This tall, strapping young man is the baby of his family. He has spent his high school career honing his athletic prowess and will be headed off to UK in the fall. I have photographed both of his older siblings for their senior photos and it’s a little sad for me to be at the “end” of this era for their family. At the same time, I am so happy for them, because they have done an amazing job raising three lovely human beings, and there will be many new, exciting adventures ahead for all of them – the empty nesters, included!

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