Caps and Gowns

As we start enjoying the fruits of Spring – and let’s face it – we’ve been anxiously waiting for warmer temperatures and greenery lately – it also marks the beginning of the “end” of the high school years for a lot of our young people. And for photographers, this means senior photo season.

I see some seniors in the Fall but probably more in the Spring, partly because the fall tends to be a lot busier for high school seniors than the Spring, and partly because, to be honest, we are a culture of procrastinators. Am I right? Those “Oh crap, we need to get that done!” moments are pretty rampant these months for seniors, and photos for the graduation announcements are definitely on that list of emergency action!

The first of my seniors up this season is someone I’ve known since he was a little guy, and it warms my heart to have watched him grow into the young man that he is now – creative, funny and just a lovely human being that I enjoy immensely. He’s a solidly good kid and I can’t wait to see where his life journey leads him.

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