Rose & Tate Home Interior Design

I was so excited to be asked to shoot some headshots for a very sweet, long-time client of mine, Laura Jarboe, who is starting an interior design business. Her house has always been beautiful and I was so happy to hear she is now ready and willing to pass along her talent to others! I get excited when my client moms start businesses and I love to see them succeed. As a mom/business owner, myself, I know the challenges of running a business and being a mom well, so it’s important to me to see them do well. My girls were ages 2 and 8 when I first started out, and they are turning 14 and 20 this summer! If I made it all these years, anyone can! ha!

Make sure you visit Laura’s website, Rose and Tate, and find her on Instagram (roseandtatehome) as well!  I promise you will love what she can offer your home!

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