I’m going to let you in on a little secret:  When photographers get inquiries for a session from new clients that have 1-year-old mobile twins, they break out into a sweat. Photographing one baby on the move is hard enough. Photographing two is like being a contestant on American Ninja Warrior. And then when they also tell you they have another child who is barely a year older than the twins…well…you just start praying.

I don’t know if my prayers paid off or I just got lucky, but this session was fun!  And this family was sweet!  And these kiddos were hilarious!

I can only imagine how many Monster energy drinks mom and dad must need on a daily basis to keep up with these three, but they do it with a lot of love and they do it well and they have my utter and complete admiration. Life is good, y’all.


Big Sis wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about her session as the boys were, but she warmed up after awhile. 🙂jenblog4jenblog5jenblog6jenblog7jenblog8jenblog9jenblog10jenblog12jenblog13


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