Autumn’s Beginning

We had the first day of Autumn recently, and so far, we’ve had a few days with cooler weather in the morning and evening that remind us that fall is here. But on Sunday, when we shot this senior session at Shaker Village, it felt like the middle of Summer. There was no breeze. None. I’m not even sure there was much air, really. I sweated buckets. I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t pretty for me. To top it off, I had been fighting a head cold all weekend, so I was sweaty and germy. That’ s a great visual, right?

On the other hand, my gorgeous senior client looked immaculate. If she was sweating, she was sweating on the inside. She looked perfectly and amazingly beautiful throughout the entire session. Clearly I need to take a lesson or two from her.  Soft spoken, shy and super sweet, she rocked her session like a supermodel. What a genuine sweetheart. She will be majoring in Engineering next fall at a yet determined school so she has the brains to go with the beauty. She’s got it going on!



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