The Spring Minis that Weren’t

Last Spring I scheduled a day for Spring Minis at the Henry Clay Estate. And it got rained out. So I scheduled a back-up date for the Spring Minis. And that also got rained out. And then I cried. (Not really, but I sure felt like it!)

Last Spring was probably the rainiest Spring I remember since we moved here in 2009. It was more like a monsoon season than Spring, and it made for a crazy schedule. Unless I was shooting newborns, which take place inside, almost everyone on my Spring calendar got rescheduled. Sometimes multiple times. I think I had one client who was rained out 5 times. It was not fun.

So I have spent much of the rest of the year after that Spring making up those Spring Minis, many which have turned into Summer Minis or birthday announcements or baby announcements or what-have-you. And I still have two more to go, which will be Fall Minis, but I wanted to blog some of those that I’ve already done because some of them have been waiting a long time now to be showcased!

Here you go, my Not So Spring Mini Lovelies. A sampling of some of the most patient people ever. Now let’s hope my Fall Mini Lovelies don’t turn into Middle of Winter Lovelies. 🙂

(Many photos taken at the UK Arboretum in Lexington, KY)

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