A New Beginning

I’ve known this little family for many years now. In fact I’ve known dad since he was 15. So watching him grow up and get married (to a spectacularly wonderful woman, I might add!) and have children and go through life with all that means has really just been a joy for me. I’m not old enough to be their mother but I feel like they are my own in some ways and I’m just so proud of them – proud of their strength, their courage and just who they are. And I’m so, so happy for them with the birth of their new little man!  And daggone…isn’t big brother just the cutest thing ever, too?  Seriously thought about stealing him and sneaking him home with me…

So it was definitely a blessing for me to get to shoot their newborn photos a second time. Four years ago when I shot big brother’s newborn photos, I was still relatively new at working with newborns – I had been in business a long time, but newborn photography was still not something I did very often, unlike now. Now I would happily accept a newborn session every day. There is just something about new life and new beginnings that really touches me I am grateful to get to witness that every single time I shoot a newborn session. It makes my heart sing. <3


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