I am seriously so behind on blogging it’s not funny. I cannot keep up this summer. And if you are a client and you have not seen your session blogged, please don’t think I have not blogged your session for any reason other than I haven’t had time. Between travel and the summer craziness of having kids at home, blogging has lost a little bit of priority so that I can keep up with shooting, editing and a quick turnaround. For all you aspiring photographers, welcome to running a business. And for all you experienced photographers, isn’t running a business just GRAND?  😉

So I shot this sweet session for this sweet family who just had new twins. These were totally by-chance-twins – twins don’t run in the family, it was not a result of medical interventions or parental age risk factors – they were a complete and total surprise. Dad said that mom always wanted three children even though he thought two would be nice and that this was how she got her way. haha!  Mom always wins, don’t you know?  She just didn’t PLAN on winning quite this way!

These two little gems kept me laughing. They took turns sleeping so that one was always awake. We were shooting for that sleepy, dreamy newborn twin look and instead we got one dreamy baby and one that was keeping his/her eye on me. I’m wondering if this was a first glimpse at their personalities and will be symbolic of their oppositeness. Aren’t baby brains are fascinating!?!


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