I know it’s been quiet for a little bit. My husband and I just got back late last week from a weeklong vacation. Just the two of us on a trip, for the first time in NINETEEN years, in sunny Los Angeles for some Hollywood fun. Oh my gosh!  We had a blast!  I’m ready to go back already.  It definitely won’t be nineteen more years before we take another vacation together!

But, it’s back to reality!  I am waaaaay behind on blogging, and my next couple weeks are pretty busy, so I’ll do the best I can to update a little here and there. Hang with me. This summer is a bit crazy!

I wanted to share some images from a recent newborn session. Such a sweet family and this little guy was so, so good to me. He was a rockstar!  He was insistent on keeping this little hands on his cheeks all the time. Cracked me up!

I love all these little newbies. <3

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Mom wanted to have a couple photos done of the little guy in her grandfather’s beloved chair. I love when clients want to incorporate something old and sentimental into their sessions!Colblog9 Colblog10 Colblog11 Colblog12 Colblog13 Colblog14 Colblog15 Colblog16 Colblog17 Colblog18 Colblog19 Colblog20

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