Chirp Chirp

Due to near daily downpours of rain the last few weeks, my schedule has been a mess. I have now rescheduled umpteen recent sessions due to the weather, and it’s making me lose my mind. If you have been listening to crickets chirping on my blog and business social media, blame Mother Nature. She’s a hot mess this Spring and I’m not feeling very fond of her.

This session from a few weeks ago took place along the backroads and in the woods of Woodford County. Having grown up on the backroads of a small town in Indiana, it really took me back to my upbringing, wading through creeks, crawling up the banks and stair stepping big rocks. I will admit that the day after this shoot, my muscles were pretty angry with me. I like to think that I’m not out of shape but the truth is, two hours of climbing through, over, up and around nature and this 42-year-old body paid for it.

But it was totally worth it. These two are just the sweetest. I rarely get to do an engagement session because I don’t shoot weddings, so this was a real treat for me to have the pleasure of shooting one for an adorable couple. I am so excited for them and for their future together. When it’s right, it’s right.


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