Mr. Handsome

I have a confession.

I had a REALLY hard time holding back my desire to blow raspberries on this little 6-month-old guy’s belly. The struggle was real. Can you see his round little belly there?  And his extreme adorableness?  I wanted to name him Schmoopie and take him home with me.  His parents probably wouldn’t have been real happy with me had I snuck him away but you know, Schmoopie Wilcoxson is a nice name and I hate for it to go unused.

He was so sweet. And the poor thing was on the verge of coming down with an ear infection and wasn’t quite as smiley as he usually is, but he was such a trooper anyway. That’s the sign of a good baby right there – one who can be feeling under the weather but still put up with a camera in his face and not make a fuss about it. Come to think of it, that’s the sign of a good husband. Baby girls everywhere, take note.


Oh, and baby girls everywhere, Mr. Handsome has three older sisters, so you’re going to have to pass some rigorous testing before you try to steal his heart. Be prepared.


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