I am actually home this morning instead of at a newborn shoot that was scheduled for today. What I thought was an allergy flare-up the last couple days has turned into a cold and snuggling a tiny new person with a tiny new immune system doesn’t seem like the smart thing to do. It made me remember how Sydney, our oldest daughter, gave Molly, our youngest daughter, a cold when Molly was only 6-days-old. It was the beginning of July and who gets colds in the middle off summer?  Our kids, apparently. Syd (who, by the way, was 5 1/2) passed off her germs to Molly by purposely licking her new sister’s mouth. No matter what we told her, she was convinced that the only way to get rid of a cold was to give it to someone else. And who better to give it to than someone who couldn’t turn away from her germ-infested tongue?  Sibling love, right there.

As a general rule, I try to refrain from licking my clients. I mean, sure, the babies smell delicious with their sweet baby skin smells, but I’m afraid indulging in anything more than sniffing their noggins might end with me in a padded cell and a Hannibal-Lector style mask strapped to my face. Probably not good for business.

This 6-month-old guy was totally delicious though. I mean, look at those rolls!  That buddha belly!  Those soft little cheeks and his disappearing wrists!  It was really hard not to nibble on this one. I came home afterwards and ate a few marshmallows instead. Pretty sure it’s totally similar.


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