It’s hard to believe this little sweet pea is nearly a year old. The girl with the electric hair that stuck straight up most of the year now has a wavy, lush mane that puts pageant queens to shame. She spent most of our time yesterday ripping the bows from her head that mama tried so hard to keep in, but in the end, she won and let her hair down like Rapunzel in her bohemian days. Fresh from a nap, she also discovered that she was rabidly hungry mid-shoot and we threw puffs at her like fish to a dolphin to appease her. As you can see, she was just wasting away. Skin and bones, this one. She happily crammed those little pudgy puff-filled fingers into her mouth and discovered that life wasn’t so bad after all.

The joy of having this little one (AND her two sisters AND her parents) next door to us never gets old.


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