February Special – Milestone Minis!

One more month until March when Spring springs, right?  RIGHT?

Let’s fill this month with babies, babies, BABIES!!!

Typically only available for my clients for whom I shot newborn sessions, this month ONLY I will be offering my special discounted pricing to EVERYONE for Milestone Minis.

That first year is so full of changes. From first smiles to rolling over to sitting up to crawling and more…it’s hard to keep up with a baby that is doing something new every day!  And let me tell you…that first year goes by so fast. I know it doesn’t feel that way when there are days of sleep deprivation, but it’s over and done and long gone before you know it.

With my oldest daughter, who is turning EIGHTEEN this summer, I had her photos taken every six weeks that first year. Sounds crazy, I know, but I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did that now. Watching through photos her tiny, new self grow all those little chubby rolls and her hair curl up and those toothies pop out over the course of a year is really amazing to see. And I won’t lie…it gets me a little choked up  to look back sometimes!

Maybe this month your baby is starting to clap. Or belly laugh. Or they have found their hands and toes and are cramming them desperately in their mouth. Whatever the milestone, let’s take some special, memorable photos of it and give you something to treasure for a lifetime.


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