A House Full of Boys

I know you have seen a lot of newborns on my website lately. I think in the month of December, I met a good chunk of the kindergarten class of 2021.  There was definitely a baby boom this winter. I’m already arranging marriages for some of them.

This little guy was sooooooo precious. The third of three handsome boys. I loved watching his older two brothers dote on him. I hope that never changes.

Wrablog2 Wrablog3 Wrablog4 Wrablog5 Wrablog6 Wrablog7 Wrablog8 Wrablog9 Wrablog10 Wrablog11 Wrablog12 Wrablog13 Wrablog14 Wrablog15 Wrablog16

These last photos cracked me up. We were wrapping things up but mom wanted to get a couple of the little guy wearing a Santa hat that grandma made. We tried…but somebody was not real enthusiastic about playing Santa. I think he was just mad that he’s too young to grow an authentic beard to go with it.


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