Pajama Party

It’s always a party with these twins. I love every session with them. Watching their personalities grow and flourish is so much fun. We did this session at home and took advantage of their former living room space that was being converted to a play area. They took it over like BOSSES and got their Christmas jammie session on. So. Stinkin’. Cute.

And that window…just perfect.

Smiblog1 Smiblog2Smiblog10Smiblog4Smiblog5Smiblog6Smiblog7Smiblog8

And this is what you do when your toddler twins are better and faster athletes than Serena and Venus Williams – you trap them on a shelf so you can score a photo of them TOGETHER. Brilliant!  Cutest Elves on the Shelves I’ve ever seen.


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