All Play and No Work

I knew going into this session that all I really needed to bring with me was my camera and a good pair of running shoes. I’d seen their energy in action before and I knew they were going to keep me on my toes. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I have a number of twin clients at a variety of ages and I find all their sessions fascinating. Some are identical – right down to having to paint toenails to tell them apart – to fraternal. It’s nature vs. nurture right before your eyes. These two 4-year-old twins, who are obviously fraternal twins, are so fun to watch. You have the rule-following, question-asking, deep-thinking twin, and the fun-loving, easy-going, free-spirited twin.

I’ll let you guess which one is which.

All photos taken at:  The Arboretum, State Botanical Garden of Kentucky, Lexington, KY


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