This week has been my busiest week of the fall thus far. Six sessions in one week is a lot for me. For some photographers, that’s nothing. For me, that’s a lot.  And maybe then some. Please note – I am NOT complaining. I will never complain about being busy. I love it, no matter how much sleep I lose worrying about getting sessions turned around in a timely manner. But it is wearing me out a bit this week and I still have two sessions to go. It’s nothing that a good cup of coffee can’t fix though.

I took my girls out tonight because I needed a Christmas card photo. My girls stay so busy with after-school activities and homework and everything else, that it makes getting photos of them in the midst of my busiest work season even more challenging. And now that they are older – 11 and 17 – their interest in having me take photos of them ranks up there with their interest in cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush. Which is basically none.

But I seized the moment when Syd’s tutoring session this evening was canceled (she tutors a 4th grade girl every week) and Molly had no academic team or drama club meetings to attend so I told them to brush their hair and get in the car. I didn’t give them enough time to grumble and complain or stand in front of the mirror for an hour or change outfits 20 times. They went in the outfits they wore to school and it was fine and I didn’t care.

Of course, I don’t have time to edit all of their photos because I am being paid to edit other sessions, and those are top priority, but I edited one because it’s really the one that I was hoping for. Not for my Christmas card, but just for me. This is a hill at Jacobson Park that, in the right light at the right time of day looks rather ethereal. And at 5:00 on a partly-cloudy day with the sun just beginning its decline while my girls were walking the ascent, it was perfect.

And even though they drove me nuts by being gigantic nerds during the shoot (at one point I looked over and found Molly rolling full-bodied down the hill, coating the knees of her pants in grass stains), I am so relieved to have these photos. In another year, Syd will be charging towards graduation at full speed and then, in the blink of an eye, life as we know it will be completely different. And spur-of-the-moment photos of my girls on an quiet hill on a random Thursday just won’t happen anymore.

Sometimes you just need to seize the moment before the moment is gone.


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