Double Deal Black Friday Sneak Peek

Let me just first say…I do not recommend hitting the gym the day after Thanksgiving for a 1.5 hour Turkey Burn Challenge and then shooting a couple sessions afterwards (after a shower, of course). Just a word to the wise – cameras become very, very heavy when your arms feel like Jell-O.

I’m posting both of these sneak peeks in one post because my hands and arms are too tired to make two posts.

First up…this brother/sister duo who, I’m pretty sure, keep getting taller every year. Either that, or I am shrinking every year. Which is highly possible.


And then we have this sweet family. I haven’t seen this little guy since he was a toddler and now he is a big 4-year-old. And a very funny, bright, silly 4-year-old at that!


These are my last scheduled OUTDOOR shoots this year, unless a surprise pops up. In the next month, the last babies of 2015 will start arriving. Don’t forget I am offering some fabulous newborn promotions this winter!  If you want to hear more about them, give me a holler!  I’d love to meet your new little one!

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