The Grads

I am sadly way behind on blogging. Like, light years behind. I will be honest in saying that after nearly nine years in business, blogging is one of those things that has become a chore for me. I think that is an industry-wide phenomenon – I have plenty of colleagues who feel the same way, but it’s one of those necessary parts of business. I just keep hoping someone comes up with an app for it. 😉  Push a button and all the photos you want to blog automatically assemble themselves and a little paragraph is all ready and you just insert and move on. Wouldn’t that be a dream?  Yes. Yes it would be.

I’m blogging two sessions together here, not in an effort to do less work, but because these two young men happen to be long-time buddies who went to the same schools growing up and are now heading off to the same college in the fall. I’ve known both of them for some years now, and they are both fine and upstanding young men who I am quite sure will go on to do wonderful things with their lives. And I will be able to say I knew them when.

Congratulations, you two. We’re all so very proud of you.





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