Glen Airy Farm

I don’t have enough words to describe how much I loved this session. As someone who grew up on a farm in the country, where I my spent my childhood into adulthood surrounded by rolling green pastures and wise, old trees, shallow creeks and lazy ponds, there is so much about this that speaks to me on a level that only those who grew up on farms in the country can understand. There is a connection to the land and the sky and everything in between that I feel deep in my soul. I can’t describe how it feels, but maybe I can show you a little bit of how I feel in the photos I recently had the opportunity to take at Glen Airy Farm.

Though Glen Air is currently vacant, minus some horses that are cared for by friends of the owners, it is still breathing and pulsing with life. A historic farm in Versailles that lies on over two hundred acres, Glen Airy holds the beautiful memories and rich history of a loving family.  I spent the evening with one of the owners, who grew up on Glen Airy, along with her daughter and son-in-law and their children who just so happened to be in town and visiting from the Netherlands. They do not get to visit often, so this was a very special occasion and it just made sense to do the session in a place that means so much to this sweet family. As a photographer, you really can’t be asked to capture an experience more meaningful than that.

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