Mother’s Day Minis – Get Yours Now!

I still have some openings for the Mother’s Day Minis on Sunday, March 3rd, at the Bodley-Bullock House in Gratz Park. I am so excited to be offering these limited edition minis to all the beautiful mothers of Lexington and surrounding areas. Too many times we, as mothers, don’t jump into photos with our children because we worry about how we look. I am guilty of that as much as you are. I’m always way more comfortable behind the lens than I am in front of it. But then I remember how few photos I have of me with my own mother, or with my grandmother, who lived with my parents and I from the time I was four until I had already left home, and I realize how important those tangible memories are, and how silly it is to let something like my concern about my hair or waistline or wrinkles get in the way of  my living and loving in the moment. Because it is vital that we do that – that we show our children that thinking about ourselves negatively keeps us from getting the most out of life and relationships and love.

These sessions are for mothers of all kinds. Maybe it’s you and your children. Maybe it’s your mother or mother-in-law and your children. Or you and your mother. Or your grandmother. Or your sister sharing a moment with her favorite nieces and nephews. Maybe there are generations of mothers in your family. Or maybe it’s just that special person who your family has adopted as “Aunt” so-and-so, who dotes on your children and shows up to their little league games and always remembers to send a birthday card. There are no set rules for who can be a mother in your life, so it’s up to you to decide which mother(s) you want in your photos.

Come make some memories for you and your family. Create a Mother’s Day gift that will live on for generations. Live and love in the moment.


* Mother’s Day Minis include ALL of the digital images from your 15 minute mini session, for $150. Contact Leigh at or by calling 859-797-7112 to get your mini session scheduled.

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