Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been antsy to show you these over the past couple of weeks, but have held off so I don’t ruin anyone’s Valentine’s card plans. But now that the big day is here, I can show you the goods!

This was my first studio experience. It was a whirlwind of shooting 14 sessions in 4 hours with a few minute 15 minute breaks for lunch and regrouping. The ages ranged from 5 months to 10 years, and they all came full of energy!  My own special Valentine, my husband, provided great assistance in helping me get people checked in and moving props for me. If he didn’t already have a job, I’d hire him any day of the week!

A big thank you to all the families who came out for a fun day!  I’m thinking this may have to be an annual event!

Valentine1 Valentine2 Valentine3

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