I had a mini session this past fall at a private horse farm with this very polite and handsome young man who was home for Thanksgiving break from college.  Mom wanted to get some updated photos for the Christmas cards so she bribed and pleaded with him to go, and when that didn’t work, she told him to put on a clean sweater and then blind-folded him and stuffed him into the trunk and drove him to the farm. 😉  Okay, maybe not, but I think we all know how much teenage boys love having their photos taken – and he was a tremendously good sport about it.  A freshman at Centre College – the college that happens to currently be at the top of my oldest daughter’s choice for colleges in a couple years –  I spent most of the session picking his brain about campus life and classes and how much in debt I can expect to be in someday soon. Let’s just say, either she gets a lot of scholarships or I’m going to have to do thousands of mini sessions in the next couple years.

Go Colonels!

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