Early Arrivals

If you have seen my blog in the past couple months, you may have seen a maternity session I had with this sweet couple. Mom told me that she did not want little bean to come early and that she could take her sweet time. I have yet to meet any woman that far along in her pregnancy who wasn’t chugging raspberry leaf tree or eating spicy Mexican food to try to get labor going because being 8 1/2 months pregnant was not a trip through the tulips.

But alas, this sweet baby girl had other plans. She arrived early instead!  One of the first lessons in parenting – your child rarely does what you really want them to.  😉  I was super happy to get to meet her early though, so you won’t hear any complaints from me. And I think everyone can agree now that she arrived right on time, just when she was meant to be here. And we are glad for it.Munblog1

Munblog2 Munblog3 Munblog4 Munblog5 Munblog6

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