Limited Time Offer: Anytime Minis

Anytime Minis

The weather is changing and the clock is ticking. The holidays will be here before you know it, and you still don’t have your holiday card photos! What to do?

Get a half hour mini session for a limited time before the snow starts falling (we hope!).  The days will be crisp and cool, so put on your warm sweaters and hats and mittens and get those holiday photos checked off your long list of to-do chores.

Anytime Minis means that these sessions are not offered on one single day, but rather when my calendar is open and we can get together at a location of your choice. It’s unlikely that you will miss the opportunity to get one unless it rains for a month straight (we hope not!).

Keep in mind:  Minis are not for every family. Because of the shorter time frame, it’s important that your children be more comfortable with having their photos taken. If you have a child who is timid or your children are very young and spend most of their time running away from cameras, a full session is recommended instead to give your child time to warm up and get comfortable or me more time to chase after them. 🙂

Included on your disc of photos is one custom designed holiday card digital image that you can print wherever your heart desires. A selection of card images will be offered when your images are edited and the one you choose will be included on your disc.

Contact me ASAP to get your Anytime Mini scheduled. Sessions are offered on a first come, first serve basis.




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