Baby R

We are rapidly approaching “Baby R” launch day here in the next couple weeks. She has an actual name, of course, but “Baby R” is all that this couple will tell anyone, including the grandparents-to-be. You can spend hours guessing, but they won’t tell you if you actually figure it out. So there. The official due date is October 1st, but you know how that goes…that could mean tonight or it could mean October 10th. Both of my monkeys arrived late – one by 10 days and one by 5 – because they liked the sound of my complaining¬†and moaning, I guess. And if Baby R is late, Mom says she is okay with that – she can hang out as long as she wants. Clearly this mom has way more patience than I had.

Regardless, Baby R is cooking up nicely and will be here in the blink of an eye. So enjoy your quiet time, Mom and Dad! ¬†Sleep lots, go to every movie you can and eat out in all the restaurants you can afford. Though you will never truly wish to have it back (well, you may in some of the darker hours), your current world is about to change in ways that are beautiful and magnificent and wonderful. And we all can’t wait to celebrate that with you!


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