It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Last week we took a little 4-day family vacation to Asheville, NC. While we had a really great time there, at the end of a vacation, we were ready to be back home. And here we are a week from our arrival home, and we’re ready for another vacation. The grass is always greener, huh?

This is one shoot that I won’t soon forget, and it’s a good thing I won’t. In the past eight years in business, I have managed to make it to every shoot with every piece of equipment intact and anything that I was supposed to bring safely tucked in the car and ready. I am usually nothing if not over-prepared.  I have heard some horror stories from friends and colleagues in the business over the years who have showed up to shoots without their cameras, lenses, flashes, memory cards, etc. I’ve heard stories about memory cards dying in the middle of shoots or corrupting after they have returned home. I have seen photos of cameras that have been dropped accidentally in the middle of shoots, totally destroying them. I even had one friend who showed up to a shoot and promptly locked her keys and all of her equipment in the car before even starting the shoot, and then had to wait an hour for her husband to arrive with another set of keys. We photographers have inadvertently done it all…but not I!  I have managed to escape equipment catastrophe all these years. Until this shoot when I went to turn the camera on and realized the battery was not in the camera, but was rather still at home, plugged into my office wall, charging.


At that moment, my husband was out for a run and at least an hour from arriving home, so in my franticness, I called my teenager to help. And thanks to a wonderful, fabulous next door neighbor who grabbed my battery from my daughter and jumped in the car and rushed it to me, I did not have to run home in heavy traffic and try to make it back. After all, this shoot involved a 1-year-old baby, and babies have a very limited amount of time that they are happy before getting tired or hungry (actually, I’m kind of the same way). So time was of the essence!

Thankfully the little guy was a good sport and hung in there, and his parents were understanding and just lovely about it all, and I can guarantee you that I will be quadruple checking my camera every time I leave the house for any future shoots to make sure I have the battery intact. I guess it was my turn to have something go awry, but it was still an embarrassing and stressful experience!

This session was memorable for another reason though, and that’s because I got to hang with one of my faaaavorite little guys who happens to be quite charming and smiley and perfect. I can’t believe a year has passed since I first met him at his newborn photos. He is a crawling fool!  How did that happen?  sniff sniff…




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