And the Band Played On

I know it seems like all I have seen are babies lately, but I promise I’ve seen some big people too!

This was a long school year. With all the snow days and The Polar Vortex and the unending cold weather, it just felt Really.Really.Long.  No one would probably agree more with that statement than a high school senior.

I know this senior, who has now officially graduated, was definitely ready to check high school off the been-there-done-that list. He is a Marine-to-be, willing to go serve his country with all the honor and dignity that he possesses. He has certainly been working up to the task with four years of marching band, a long-time Boy Scout who is about to earn his Eagle Scout wings and a member of his school’s Archery team. As a high school marching band mom, I can tell you that marching band alone requires great commitment, steadfast dedication and hard work. With all of his other accolades, I have no doubt that he will serve his country well in his next phase of life.

Congrats to you, young man, and many blessings on your life’s journey.

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