It’s All Good

Newborn sessions with first time parents always brings back a lot of memories for me of the first weeks of our oldest daughter’s life. What is now going on 16 years ago now will suddenly seem like just yesterday, and it certainly brings home that realization of how quickly the years fly by, even when you feel like they are just barely creeping along. When you are sleep deprived and sore and getting acquainted with a brand new life (your own and the new life of your baby), it can often feel like the clock is barely ticking and that things will never, ever be “normal” again.  And to some extent that is true – “normal” will be very different than how you’ve always known it, but even in our sleepy postpartum state, that clock pushes forward at an alarming speed.

This little guy was just awesome. No other way to say it. He was pure perfection. We had to bump this session back a little bit because he had an unexpected stay in the NICU for a short period, but it’s all good now and he is home and growing right along. I definitely think Dad may have won in the gene game, but he has the sweet disposition of his mama, and I know he will be loved beyond measure by his wonderful new parents.

So yes, it’s all good.  Very, very good.



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