A New Year Baby

Are you sick of winter yet?  How about snow?  Ice?  School closings?  Complaints about winter?

So far this feels like the Longest.Winter.Ever.  My girls have been off school for snow, cold and/or ice umpteen times. At this rate, there will be no summer break. They will just sail into 5th and 10th grade in the same week that they finish 4th and 9th grade. At least I won’t have to shell out money for a summer pool pass.

Winter is definitely my least favorite season, but in the very beginning of this new year, in the midst of a polarsnowmageddonpocalypsevortex, this precious baby girl made her entrance into the world. And even though our hands and our toes were frozen, our hearts were filled with warmth and joy at her arrival. This sweet couple, who I just adore, now have two of the most precious children on the planet. I think it’s safe to say that no matter how frustrating this winter may be, we have been blessed with a beautiful new life this season despite it.

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