Warm Decembers

Before the Polar Vortex (insert scary music), I got an email from a client asking if I would be willing to do a session after Christmas near the end of December while her brother and his family were in state for the holidays. I said, “Sure!” but I thought the odds of it actually happening were slim. Not because I was afraid they wouldn’t show, but because it was going to be outside. At the end of December. In the winter. Did I mention it was outside?

Well, as Kentucky winters go, unpredictable as they tend to be, we ended up with a 50+ degree day  on our scheduled date, and heck, that’s practically shorts’ weather!  So I happily met them at a park in the grandparent’s neighborhood (and about 1 minute from my house…bonus!) for a family session. And it was a blast. Who knew winter could be that fun?

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