Autumn Beauty

Now that we have entered the new year and the holidays are over, we are all breathing a sigh of relief, right?  I know I am.  Christmas is over, so now I’m ready for Spring. It’s going to be here any day now. I just know it.  😉

I have a lot of blogging to do. I have many sessions from last fall still waiting to be debuted. What a busy, wonderful year 2013 was. I am so excited for 2014!  This year will mark my 8th year in business. How crazy is that?  Wow.

I saw this little beauty for the first time when she was 3 months old, so it was so fun to see her again at 9 months, sitting up and raring to go. I LOVE this girl!  She is such a happy baby, and she has two sweet parents who I enjoying seeing, too!  She could not get enough of the leaves, kicking her little legs to make the crunching sound, grabbing them by the handful, and sometimes shoving them in her mouth (it’s good fiber, right?).  Yum!


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