It’s really hard to blog this time of year – not because I’m too busy to do it, but rather, I’m always afraid I will ruin a client’s Christmas card by showing off their photos before they mail or gift them to family and friends. In my efforts to be respectful though, my blog goes silent and my to-do blog list grows long and hairy.  I have another 10+ sessions to blog from this fall, and a new website that I am anxious to get up and running, too. So…if you recognize the people you will see on my blog in the next week or two, and you have not received any holiday cards from them, close your eyes and scroll to the next session.

I have photographed this family of six for the past few years, and it never ceases to amaze me how much the kids grow from year to year. And how much cuter and sweeter they get every year. It’s really kind of ridiculous. And probably illegal. But, it’s the merry making season, so we’ll let it slide. They have loads of beauty and energy and really great hair. Things I never seem to achieve easily. Or at all, for that matter. But these guys just seem to come by it naturally. Bravo!

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