The Introduction

This was another of my families that I was scheduled to see the weekend after I fell and hurt my ankle, and we had to reschedule our shoot until I was off crutches. The guilt that I felt over having to reschedule was immense – I am one of those people who feels an overwhelming sense of responsibility to a fault – so to say I felt terrible to have to move our session was an understatement. And even worse, this was our first session together, so, needless to say, that wasn’t the first impression I was hoping to give. Thankfully we found another day a couple weeks later that worked, and the sunshine was just perfect, so I think they forgave me. Or, more likely, I forgave myself (mostly). 😉

They were just as sweet and beautiful as I was expecting them to be, and I just fell in LOVE with little bit here. Her precious little face was so expressive and she just exudes curiosity and happiness. What a joy they were. So worth the wait for me!


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