Hush Little Baby

When I met with Mom and Dad prior to the session, they showed me a little album they had made from their older son’s newborn session, which was taken out-of-state with another photographer. Inside the album were these sweet, peaceful pictures of their little guy, posed in gentle and moldable positions, while he dreamed of lambs and puppies and clouds and all things tender and sleepy. I thought, how lovely…surely we can top that for baby #2. I hoped.

If you are a parent of more than one child, like I am, you can probably guess how my hopes turned out. My two girls are like night and day. Sometimes I wonder how we managed to create two children from the same two parents who could be so different from each other. ┬áIt’s kind of fascinating really. And head scratching.

Well, Little Missy here apparently doesn’t like lambs or puppies or clouds. Or sleep. Because she was determined to watch my every move, despite Mom and Dad’s efforts with the sound machine and feedings and rocking and cuddling and swaddling and head rubs and heat tower. I think all the adults were ready to go night-night but this sweet little girl was ready to slip on some high heels and head to the party. If she could find high heels for a newborn (sadly, I’m sure they exist).

Regardless, we still managed to capture some darling pictures of her, eyes wide open and ready to go. And she is absolutely precious with that dark hair and big eyes and dimples. Sleep deprived and all.

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Maybe it’s just me, but I think she’s letting me know what she thinks about this session with an oh-so-subtle hand gesture…


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