Family Time

I know. It’s like a crazy blogfestapalooza the last couple days, isn’t it? ¬†And crazier yet – I have a list of several more that need to be blogged. However, this is it for this morning since I need to head to Louisville for a shoot. One that will be added to my to-be-blogged list soon.

This was a fun session because it’s my family. These are my cousins and this was also the first time I met the little squishy girl with the big cheeks. See…photo sessions are additionally wonderful in that they allow me to see my family more than I regularly get to. And being that the baby is a year old, I clearly don’t get that opportunity often.

It’s also fun because I get to watch my younger cousins experience the joys of toddler parenting. Because if you’ve ever had a photo session with a toddler, you know how those go, and it’s double the fun when it happens to be family members you’ve known since way-back-when that are now getting to those parenting years that you, yourself, have tried to squash from your memory. And yet long for at the same time. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

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