Beach Bound Senior

As if I don’t feel old enough, being the mother of a high school freshman, I recently got to spend the afternoon photographing the son of a friend I graduated high school with for his senior photos. It’s pretty cool to meet and observe the offspring of someone you grew up with, picking up on the subtle hints of genetic connections. I definitely can see his mother in him, both in looks and expressions, but I think he is very much his own person, too.  (I’m sure there is plenty of his dad in him, too, but I don’t happen to know him). And now he is nearly grown and ready to meet the world with all the excitement and nervousness that being 18 brings. He is ready to shed the cold Indiana winters and head to Florida to start a career as an electrician. What a shame that Mom will have to travel to the warm beach to frolic in the ocean to see her son. I’m sure she is sobbing right now, thinking about it…

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