Some of you who have never worked with me may not know that before my very first session with a first-time client, I email my new client a form to fill out. And on that form, I ask for things like contact information and names and ages of my little clients and the usual basic stuff I need to know. But I also ask my client what they want to capture in the session. What is really important for us to achieve together?  What is that one thing that you cannot walk away from the session without making sure we have?

Mom filled out this form, and I loved her response to that question:

“Goal: to create a snapshot in time of our family at this stage in life.”

That’s definitely a goal I can sink my teeth into.

This is a beautiful family and these are snapshots of this family at this stage of life. These are children who are bright, energetic, inquisitive, sensitive and determined, who like to play and run and be silly and have their own space and do their own thing. And capturing these moments may make us hot and sweaty and tired, but this is a stage of life that passes by so quickly that our memories of this time and this stage of life will just be in snapshots someday.

Wonderful, colorful, meaningful, joyful snapshots.

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