Daring to Care

For nearly two decades, Dare to Care has been providing hot, tasty, nutritious meals to children at risk of hunger through Kids Cafes held at partner sites such as YMCAs and Boys and Girls Clubs. Children who participate are not only comforted and nourished by the meal, they are connected to local afterschool programs where they receive academic, social and emotional support. Staff and volunteers who work with participants report positive changes ranging from a stronger sense of responsibility and positive attitude, to improved behavior and increased participation in additional support services.

Kids Cafe is a program that works. However, we must do more.

The current program model requires Kids Cafe hosts to have a certified commercial kitchen in which to prepare the food Dare to Care provides, limiting qualified partners to 14 area organizations. To eliminate this barrier and nearly triple the number of meals served, Dare to Care is opening a community kitchen from which to cater and distribute meals to many more organizations throughout the area. To learn how you can help or make a contribution, visit www.daretocare.org.

~ Jackie Keating, Child Development Officer with Dare to Care Food Bank

It is always my pleasure to spend the day with my friends at Dare to Care.  I spent a morning last week taking photos in a brand new kitchen that will provide meals to hundreds of children in the Louisville area, and the afternoon with a few dozen children at the Neighborhood House who benefit from this kitchen’s wonderful meals. It is abundantly clear that the quality of food and the careful consideration of meal preparation have a positive impact on the children who are receiving meals through the program. These are children who may not otherwise receive a nutritious meal outside of this program. These are beautiful, funny, talented, loving and bright children. They need this program, and they need you.

I challenge you to help put a smile on a deserving little face and help fill a little belly with a warm meal by contributing to the Kids Cafe through Dare to Care Food Bank. This is a wonderful opportunity to do something for your community and to help be the change you wish to see in the world.


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