It’s a bear to try to get my newly turned 9-year-old to let me take some photos of her. It’s never been something she has liked. ¬†She is not fond of being the center of attention. She gets that from me, I must confess. I’m a good behind-the-scenes kind of gal, not a front-and-center stage person. The funny thing is, she is a total social butterfly (that she gets from her father) and she often ends up being the center of attention without realizing it. Amusing how that works.

It’s hard to believe she is entering her last year in single digits. My rough and tumble girl, my tree climber and bike racer and stair jumper and bug catcher. She takes everything in stride. Like her braces that she got a couple months ago. And falling off her bike and skinning half her knee off. Her heart is so big and she is so loyal to so many. She is wickedly smart and yet still exudes such sweet innocence. She is starting 4th grade at a new school in the fall in their accelerated academics program, of which we are very excited but she is still on the fence about. I know she will be fine and will end up loving it, but she isn’t too keen on leaving all her friends from her previous school. She hasn’t realized yet all the new friends she is about to make.

We went to the park this evening and there is this huge hill there that I love. In the right light at the right time of day, it’s just amazing. She wanted to hike all the way to the top, so we trekked up and then spent some time goofing off at the top before we descended. I love watching her take it all in. You can see so much in her eyes even when she isn’t talking (which isn’t often…she could talk the ear off an elephant).

She lights up my life. Nine is going to be a good year.




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