My sweet client approached me with an idea for her session a few months ago. I am always excited when my clients have a personalized idea for a session. It saves me some brain work and I like the challenge of doing something new. My client suggested we meet at a local park that has a big creek hidden within it. And she wanted me to photograph her two children playing in the creek, “getting messy” and just having fun.  Of course, I instantly fell in love with the idea.

Too many times, I think in all aspects of life, we try to avoid “getting messy.”  This is especially true of photo sessions. We want to look our best and wear pretty clothes and have our hair just so. And that’s all good and fine and everything, but for most of us, it doesn’t really represent who we are from day to day. Not that most people want to show off who they are from day to day – no one needs to see me in my pajamas before I’ve had my morning coffee or when I am frazzled from chauffeuring my kids to 10 different school activities while trying to get dinner ready and laundry done and hoping to get a shower before bedtime. That may be a little too real. 😉  But what about when the kids are riding their bikes in the evening after dinner, stopping to catch frogs in the neighborhood creek, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk and camping out in the backyard?  That is a reality that is all too fleeting, and one that you will think back on with fondness for years to come. Those are the moments we take for granted, with their muddy, sweaty, laughter-filled exchanges, the snippets of childhood we cherish and the ones that disappear all too quickly.

I could do sessions like this every day. These photos truly capture who these children are – adventurous, curious, intelligent, nature loving, joyous, beautiful and yes, messy.

Messy is actually quite wonderful sometimes, don’t you think?



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