I just wanted a few pics. Something simple and basic of the little monkey. It’s still winter and I miss being outside to shoot, but it was a sunny day at least and the one window she has in her bedroom let in enough light to let me take advantage of it for a little while.

Just as we begun to take a few pics (as if she would give me time enough for more than a few), her glasses broke. Probably because she was rolling around on her bed, face to the covers. It didn’t break as in unfixable, but broke as in the little screw holding in one lens popped out and the lens popped out and I realized our little photo time was going to get cut way short so we could hit the eyeglass shop before it closed. So much for a relaxed afternoon with the sunny window.

But I decided to wait a few minutes before we jetted out the door to take some photos of her without her glasses. I can’t believe she’s had them over two years now. I think her glasses are her security blanket. She says to me, “I’m never going to wear contacts. I’m only going to wear glasses.”  I give that prediction about two more years until she hits middle school.

She’s a funny one. She knows how she wants to look and has always had a strong sense of self. She refused to grow her hair long until she was in 2nd grade. Prior to that, she only wanted short hair. Now she only wants long hair. I kind of miss her short hair though. Maybe she’ll change her mind about that again someday as well. Time will tell. Until then, I’m happy with keeping it simple.


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