Petit Chien

Meet Beaumont and his boy.

Beau is a 9-week-old Great Pyrenees puppy. Take a good look because he will never be this small again. It’s possible he may double in size by tomorrow. Fully grown he will approximately reach 130 lbs and will resemble a polar bear with a fluffy tail.  Right now he looks like a 25 lb cotton ball with ears. I luff him.

The boy is a 17-year-old trumpet phenom.  He will likely not double in size by tomorrow and I don’t think he’s planning to grow a fluffy tail, but I’m sure he will grow twice as handsome. By next week, he may be able to put a saddle on Beau and ride him to school. While playing his trumpet. Side saddle.

Savor those fleeting moments of puppyhood. You should probably also hide your good shoes until it’s over.


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